Welcome to the Twelve Moons Academy

The Twelve Moons Academy is the sacred space for your AWAKENING.

My name is Kristina Santiago and I want to know, Who are You + What is YOUR Sacred Mission?

I'm an energetic muse, teacher, and soul centered CEO on a quest to help you rediscover + celebrate your sacred.

I spent years suffering with a lack of clarity of my divine purpose. 

   I had been living in the "grey" (my term for the inbetween). Where my soul had awakened but my mind & body were still trying to hit the SNOOZE button.

Despite having a financially successful tattoo career- I knew there was more to my LIFE, but didn't have the support (or the balls) to dive in to the discovery.

What I needed in that moment was a mentor, a container, and a community to flourish in.

I scoured the internet for the perfect "how-to" article on healing, revealing, and discovering my sacred call.

I wanted to embrace wild side, I wanted to LAUGH again.

I needed to heal some old wounds that I had covered in years of "grey" living. And I wanted to get crystal clear on my SOUL PURPOSE.

In my discovery, I came up with a potent protocol for discovering SELF, and creating the LIFE you we dream of.

 My sacred work, is in the discovery- and implementation of your SOUL WORK.


You are invited to join the inclusive Twelve Moons Academy. 


 SIX Months of monthly LIVE group coaching calls,  potent modules on personal growth, energy work, and abundance amplification.

This is a space where Sage + Success go hand in hand, where crystals and character are encouraged. Clarity in your mission, and strategy on decision making- it IS all part of the Big Picture.

For years, we have been asked to stay small, to act in specific formation- and I am here to liberate you from those boundaries, and to celebrate your SACRED.

I'd love for you to reflect on these questions:

  • What would it feel like to know yourself + your sacred purpose?
  • How would it feel to have a deep connection to TRUST + FAITH in the process?
  • How would it feel to access the strategic tools to bloom your soul centered business?
  • If you could fully release the grip of the past and move into your truth- what would life be like?

Take a moment and realize that those are all VALID, and AVAILABLE lifestyle options for you. Integrate the opportunity that lies

within the Twelve Moons Academy. The key is here, right now.


The Twelve Moons Academy is a six month program that will support you in breaking the cycle of exhaustion, comparison, and scarcity.




Two BONUS 1:1 60 Minute Muse Calls with Me

1 Ticket to SOUL CHARGE held Annually ($299 value)

6 Month Access to the Dreamscaping Voxer Circle




 What I was missing was the deep TRUST, that would allow me to heal, reveal, and get real.

How amazing would it be to have a MUSE who can support you on so many levels, and give you the tools to step into your true power?


I’m one of many muses that you have invited into your Sacred Life- and I hold my heart and arms open for your sweet landing into Twelve Moons Academy.



Right here, Right now, I want you to take a BIG breath. On the exhale, I want you to actively release any fear or doubt that you are ready for the transformation which has been calling you...


You don’t need to have the ANSWERS right now, What you do need, is TRUST, belief in yourself, and a mentor who is here to serve your discovery.

I’m here, and the Twelve Moons Academy is ready for you.

 Are You Ready ?

I see you Sister. And I know YOU ARE


The Twelve Moons Academy is a six month commitment- with life long results.

We will tap into your personal magic (aka get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your sacred mission) , align you with how you truly want to live this life, and apply practical strategy to create harmony and flow in all aspects of life. I am a certified yoga teacher, podcaster,  crystal healer, and soul centered entrepreneur - I have a deep appreciation for the balance between woo and structure.

What you RECEIVE:

  • 1:1 MUSE CALL with me to open our work together.
  • Bimonthly GROUP coaching calls to support your discovery, growth, and implementation
  • Modules on Clarity, Releasing Fear, Money Mindset + More- all with Meditations to help you dive deeper.
  • Sacred Community to arrive into, and be seen!
  • Powerful Guest Teachers + access to exclusive tools & content

We have SIX New Moons together, and SIX Full Moons together. My work here is to help you align more honestly with your SOUL. We have amazing guest teachers, and our modules are sprinkled with self discovery, business strategy, and mindset work. But in all honesty- we need to dust off your SACRED, and help you SHINE that light & power in order for us to support you in stepping into your DREAMS.

You Are Worthy.

And we have options to support you.

I am also happy to support you with a monthly payment plan of $422 a month for 6 months. If you have ANY questions, please email me directly at ExistBrightly@gmail.com.  

 I am so excited to welcome you into the Twelve Moons Academy, and I know you are ready for whats next.

Thank You for being here, and know sweet friend- I am honored to walk with you in this sacred space. Choose your option below.

 All my love,

Kristina Santiago

✨VIP EXPERIENCE✨ Pay In Full Twelve Moons Payment Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

If I can't make a Live Call can I still access it?

Yes! All the Live Calls we be sent out so you can replay at your convenience.

Is this mostly for business or life?

It's for your sacred mission friend. And once you are clear on that, you might wish to take it into a business and allow your life to flourish in new ways.

Already have a business? This is an amazing asset to get crystal clear on how to amplify your sacred gifts, value yourself, and shape offerings.


Where will we meet?

Our Live's will be hosted via ZOOM call and  are recorded so you have access for the next month. I also go LIVE in the FB group for additional workshops and bonus talks with you!

I don't know anything about Spirituality, or Energy?!

That is amazing, that means we are starting with a clean slate- and there is an incredible opportunity for growth here. This program is all bout YOU finding YOUR power, accessing YOUR truth, and TRUSTing the process. 

Get in touch!

Thank You! I will get back to your shortly!